Light diesel oil is distillate fuel containing small amounts residual fuel. The JPR Sapphire Industries has been a supplier and manufacturer for LDO to many industrial plants.

  • LDO is essentially an industrial oil. It is essential for the generation of electricity as well as heat in several production plants. It has been used for this purpose for a long period of time.
  • LDO (Light Diesel Oil), comprises medium-length chains of carbon and hydrogen, mainly alkanes. LDO is shorthand for light commercial extracts from crude oils.
  • LDO (Light Diesel Oil), used widely by different industries in their production activities for the generation heat and energy. It has a lower flash rate than heavier Fuel Oil, which allows for faster ignition.
  • LDO (Light Diesel Oil), also known as LDO, is a medium colored fuel. It can be either distilled directly or from the residual fractions of different oils that were extracted during distillation. This fuel is unrestricted.
  • Class C category fuel.
  • Flashpoint above 60 degrees Celsius.
  • Effective fuel alternative for varieties of furnace & boiler applications.
  • Accurately composed & provides superior performances in engines & machines.